Tara Scarrow

Director of Development, Heartwood 3D
253 - WITI WIN: Integrating AI and VR/AR into Your Professional Life

Tara Scarrow is Director of Development at Heartwood 3D, a developer of 3D interactive training applications utilizing mobile and VR/AR technology. Ms. Scarrow leads the company's development team and is well known in the industry for driving a relentless quest for quality. Right beside that passion, her purpose is to take the notion of customer service to a level that is almost inspirational. She emphasizes that "a customer is never out of warranty, even if the product is."

On a day-to-day level, Ms. Scarrow facilitates communication to align with customers' vision, and creates processes that empower the team to develop innovative, intuitive, and simple-to-use applications. Being customer-obsessed, she is able to hold that vision while encouraging the team to push the limits of the technology. Most weekends, she may be found taking in the glory of the Northern California outdoors or enjoying one of the many local festivals.