Sam De Brouwer

Co-Founder & COO,
363 - WITI WIN: Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Sam De Brouwer is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of, a computing linguistic company building medical dialogue systems and intelligent conversational agents for next-generation personalized healthcare. Earlier, she had co-founded Scanadu, which is developing a suite of medical-grade devices for the consumer market.

Ms. De Brouwer started her entrepreneurial career in 1996 with the Starlab research lab in Brussels, where she ran the business development department. That was her first experience with the MIT MediaLab, which specialized in blue sky research (aka BANG: Bits, Atoms, Neurons and Genes). In 1999 she started Jobscape, one of the first online recruiting platforms for the Benelux. From 2001-2004 she designed and implemented the first pilot for micro-entrepreneurship trainings in collaboration with the University of Antwerp and the European Social Fund. In 2008, Ms. De Brouwer served as advocacy director for the European/African branch of the One Laptop per Child Foundation, which secured funding for the deployment of laptops and training for over 50,000 children in more than 10 countries. As a member of TED, Ms. De Brouwer organized TEDxBrussels from 2009 to 2014, and has been organizing TEDxSanFrancisco since 2016.