Startup Village

The Women in Technology Startup Village each year showcases upcoming and innovative startups that are founded by Women, giving them an opportunity to pitch their products, make new connections, and maybe even find funding.

This is our 3rd year and we are extremely proud to present this year's Startup participants.

Participating Startups


10X social reach to instigate content virality.

With billions of content added to social networks everyday, reaching relevant audiences has become extremely challenging and expensive for marketing and communication teams.

Advo.Ninja has developed a SaaS marketing product to utilize untapped, powerful social networks of employees, partners and investors to reach 10X audiences and build brand reputation. With this, marketers are now able to communicate company brand stories easily, timely and inexpensively through people behind the brand. And, employees build their social profiles and become thought leaders.

Our deep analytics provide insight into prospect behavior and campaign ROI with no additional effort.

Funding Stage

Bootstrapped so far and seeking seed funding of $1mi


At AgShift, we are designing a fully transparent and digitized food system. We are blending Machine learning with Computer vision to enable world’s largest organizations to tackle complex global food challenges.

Funding Stage

Closed Angel Round $650K, Looking to Raise Seed Round of $2M


ds3d focuses on translating the possibilities and innovations of 3D printing into consumer products and designs, and has been successfully combining 3d technology and traditional hand finish detailing. All of ds3d collections are inspired by San Francisco.

2hot2cold is a wearable concept with 3d printed embellishments – a scarf with integrated heating technology. It is designed for sharply changing micro-climates of San Francisco Bay Area. It has integrated soft conductive threads and provides comfort when worn.

Pitch Deck

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Funding Stage

Self funded at this stage. Looking for growth capital operating over ten years.

Equally / School of Games

Equally is a benefit corporation and our first product is School of Games, an early childhood video game that teaches vocabulary and numbers in it's 18 month curriculum especially for children in need and at risk of wordgap. The game teaches reading, writing, listening and most importantly speaking which no other app does effectively. As the child is playing, we provide real time reports for the parents, schools and teachers to understand what they are learning. We have rudimentary speech recognition in the app that works offline to access pronunciation and speaking skills. We intend to improve that with better training data as we go.

Pitch Deck

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Funding Stage

Seeking seed funding of $500,000 by June 30th, 2017.

New Reality Arts

New Reality Arts enables name brands and advertising agencies to enhance the effectiveness of existing marketing campaigns by adding layers of revenue-generating AR and VR experiences.


ACTON is about smart and wearable personal transportation. From fun motorized eskates – RocketSkates to world’s lightest electric skateboards BLINK eboards line, free your commute.

Next Play /

Ellen is a mentorship chatbot for enterprise. We personalize employee development for your talent at scale, to help you engage & retain your diverse employees.

Pitch Deck

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Funding Stage

In the Middle of Seed Round


BritePlug helps you cut your plug load cost. You know that close to 40% of the money you spend on electricity is spent on powering plugged in devices and appliances and that you could cut that expense by turning off those devices and appliances when no one is using them.

Your problem is you have no way to monitor your plug loads and no way to control turning off so many devices without disrupting workplace productivity.

Well now you do. BriteThings intelligent plug load management platform is an inexpensive, easy to install solution that gives you control over you plug loads and enables you to start reducing your energy waste and energy costs right away.

Pitch Deck

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Funding Stage

Series A