• January 30, 2019
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Coaching Circles

Cultivating Compassion in Leadership
Joanna Davis

Modern research documents that compassionate leadership brings increased profits to business. This highly participatory and FUN workshop weaves together principles of Neuroscience and C-IQ to support your immediate application of proven principles to reduce drama, increase receptivity to communication, and improve corporate culture. You are invited to bring examples of your most difficult corporate issues to the group so we can explore solutions together.

Stand your ground in emotionally charged situations
Claire Lidome

Often when the stakes are high, we are hijacked by our emotions and say things we wish we hadn't, forget a critical communication, acquiesce to something we don't want, or lose the ability to speak altogether. In this coaching circle, you will learn to recognize your most common emotional responses, so that you can have access to your resources and be well spoken and effective in difficult communications.

Choose your Attitude - Work/Life Alignment
Bari Schanerman

Begin seeing the choices available to be living the life you desire and how to check if what you are currently doing is working.  Understand what keeps you stuck or holds you back and what alignment looks like in its purest form.  Walk away knowing more about yourself, with some tips on how to see your patterns, and how to spend more time on your happy island(s) using the "Living and Leading with Intenergy"®  philosophy.

Emotional Intelligence - an indispensable tool for leaders
Sven Gade

Research clearly indicates that developing the Emotional Intelligence of leaders and individual contributors greatly enhances the productivity, engagement and culture of an organization. This interactive workshop explores the influence our behavior has on the performance of others. With some fundamental insights into neuroscience we find practical ways to better manage our own emotions and improve relationship with others.

Strength-Based Leadership
Monique Betty

Discover how to apply your natural talents, and the talents of your team, to work with increased confidence and engagement resulting in increased productivity. Join Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Monique Betty, for this fun, informative coaching circle. You may be surprised to learn how your strengths may actually be getting in your way to achieving the success you desire!

7 seconds to make a great and lasting impression
Clare Merlo

Research indicates that often just the first few seconds of a first interaction will set the tone for the future of a relationship. Ask yourself: what is the first impression you're leaving in your personal life, your work life, your community, and the world? Set the intention of mastering the art of making a great impression.

Step up your power and influence game
Cindy Montgenie

Influence is the most fundamental skill setting top performers apart from the rest of the crowd. Learn 7 key approaches of influence, concrete strategies to develop authentic win-win strategic relationships that will catapult your success and get you into the opportunity flow and your most important asset to become an influential leader in your field

The Female Advantage
Linda Englander

Learn how your innate emotional and intuitive intelligence can guide you in becoming a more effective leader. You'll discover the 4 keys to accessing and using your intuition for any situation.  These skills will bring you greater clarity in decision making and a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

Resignify your leadership and bring on real life success!
Angela De Sousa

Walk out with practical ways to shift your mindset, keep your cool, while embracing your many roles in a fast paced, fully demanding and everchanging world. Step into a safe space, to brainstorm, explore, and discover new solutions towards keeping focus and balance when work and life challenges arise. Reframe, redefine and redirect the meaning of the word success to a new level that can be realistically achieved, and truly serves you.

Brand "Me"
Eileen Monesson

Your brand has a story and you should be able to tell it well. Developing your position as a thought leader is the most effective way to market yourself and your business. Seminar participants will learn how to develop their personal brand as a trusted advisor both off and online. We will discuss how to position your brand in your niche or area of specialty, how to craft your brand message and the value of nurturing relationships with prospects, clients and referral sources. We will also review strategies to make you "famous" in your space.

Creating Next Year Roadmap With Your Team
Nina Kukuskina

How to initiate strategic conversation with your team and boost engagement. Deepen your team conversation, build team spirit and strengthen the bond. Add specific tools to your Leader's toolbox.

How Masculine and Feminine Energies Impact our Leadership and Relationships
Sheila Decoster

- Learn how to balance the masculine and feminine aspect of ourselves as leaders and in relationships.
- Discover how to embrace both energies, in order to create a better work-life balance. .

The Prodigy Zone™: Discover Yours, Live in it, Lead from it
Sue Ryan

Each of us is a prodigy, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities. When you are in YOUR unique prodigy zone you, and everyone you influence, make your greatest positive impact. Know with certainty and clarity exactly how to become your best version of yourself and how to maximize your unique skill-sets so you are consistently at your peak. Focus easily and effortlessly on what is in your zone, know exactly what to do with what's not in your prodigy zone and make your greatest positive impact leading yourself and others. .

Transforming your interactions, team, and culture one conversation at a time
Coleen McCray

Learn about the power of conversations in regulating how people feel as you interact with them. Experience ways that you can intentionally approach conversations to inspire transparency, understanding, and relationship-building to increase your and your team's ability to connect, think innovatively and strategically with others. .