Innovation, Inspiration, Inclusion.

Join more than 1,500 women and men in Silicon Valley for three special days building relationships, collaborating, and updating your technical and leadership skills.

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25th Annual Women in Technology Summit

For 25 years running, the Women in Technology Summit has served as the premier gathering for more than 1,500 women and men from around the world, who converge in the Silicon Valley for three special days to build relationships, collaborate, and update their technical and leadership skills. #BetheVision




I have been with WITI since the very first meeting at Sun Microsystems. I have watched it grow in numbers and impact both nationally and internationally. I always meet fantastic women at WITI events!

Rayona Sharpnack

Institute for Women's Leadership

While I am just becoming acquainted with WITI, I wish I had known of it fifteen years ago as I was building my career. It's a great support organization that I'm proud to be associated with now.

Colleen Edwards


My employees returned to work energized, enthusiastic and expectant that their careers have real growth potential. I met women from across the country who are making a real and positive difference.

Dr. Lynne C. Bracker



  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Latest in Digital Health
  • Cloud Computing & Software
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Future of Marketing
  • Latest on Blockchain


  • How to Build you Personal Brand
  • Strategies Breaking into the C-Suite
  • Taking Your Seat on the Board
  • Thought Leadership across the team
  • Find Your Own Leadership Style
  • Leading Diverse Teams
  • Managing in Your Organization
  • Critical Thinking Circles


  • What Does Success Look Like?
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Navigating Office Politics
  • Setting Goals like a Boss
  • Authentic Self-Promotion
  • Crushing Your Fear
  • Why Are We Talking Past Each Other?
  • Getting to the Next Level

“Our goals are not just philosophical sentiments, they are real business objectives”

Carolyn Leighton, CEO of WITI

Carolyn Leighton founded WITI to help women advance by providing access to - and support from - other professional women working in all sectors of technology. WITI started in 1989 as The International Network of Women in Technology and, in 2001, evolved into The WITI Professional Association, the world's leading trade association for tech-savvy women. Today, WITI is the premiere global organization empowering women in business and technology to achieve unimagined possibilities.

WITI has powerful programs and partnerships that provide connections, resources, opportunities and a supportive environment of women committed to helping each other throughout the U.S., Hong Kong, Great Britain, Australia, and Mexico