AR/VR Café

  • Learning Sesssions
  • Innovative Use Cases
  • Immersive Experiences

  • The WITI AR/VR Café is a nod to the Renaissance and the Parisian cafés where scientists, technologists, artists, and philosophers would meet, collaborate, and discuss new possibilities. This is part of WITI's commitment to drive innovation.

    Participants will interact with an augmented reality art exhibit, learn how to creatively use augmented reality for solutions, and participate in demos and discussions with artists about working with technology to unleash creativity.

    Featured Artist

    Daniel Leighton -- Art + Tech + Emotion

    Daniel Leighton is an Augmented Reality (AR) artist, iPad painter, filmmaker, and technologist who started programming at the age of eleven. He creates emotional landscapes with simple lines and brilliant colors to capture complicated states of the human psyche, harnessing technology and human emotion for the greater good. Leighton adds sound, film, animation and interactivity to his paintings with his AR app.

    Having Crohn's Disease since birth, Leighton faced his mortality from a very young age. Countless invasive procedures, hospitalizations and surgeries drove him deep into a lifelong quest to understand the workings of the body and the emotions.