302 - Breaking Barriers & Survival: Reaching the Top

Karen Cone, Advisory Boards Director, Venture Partner
Rene Redwood, CEO, Redwood Enterprise, LLC
June 11, 9:30 am - 10:30 am  •  Gateway Ballroom

Breaking through "glass ceilings" can be tough for women when the reaction to a truly brilliant presentation is "isn't that cute," or when the response by your direct manager to an innovative, yet disruptive, proposal is met with "why aren't you just home, taking care of your baby!" or when a strong work ethic positions you as a "worker bee" instead of "leadership-potential." Today, such challenges in the workplace may be more subtle, yet they still must be overcome to successfully reach the C-Suite or influence systemic change or fund and grow a start-up. Karen Cone and Rene Redwood successfully broke down such barriers. They will inspire you with their stories of successes, failures, and learnings as they navigated this maze on the front lines. Audience members will be invited to tell their stories and share their best practices on how to transform threats into opportunities.