310 - Tech Trends and The Future of Work

Parna Sarkar-Basu, CEO and Founder, Brand and Buzz Marketing
Hillary Barnhart, Senior Director, Business Operations, ITOM Business Unit, ServiceNow
Abby Fitch, Director, Information Systems, Amgen
Jennifer Leung, Senior Director of Innovation Labs & Emerging Tech, AppDynamics
June 11, 10:45 am - 11:45 am  •  Donner

Autonomous devices from drones and robots to chatbots and voice assistance platforms are changing the way people interact with consumers in today's digital world. In addition, consumption-based pricing model is becoming the norm, where businesses only pay for what they use, saving on capital expenditure - software to infrastructure - and making vendors jump through hoops to cater to their demands. What does all this mean? Will we now have autonomous vehicles show up when we request a ride? Will our coworkers be robots? And how should vendors change their business models in a subscription-based economy? In this session, we'll discuss: * What key technologies will be driving business decisions in the near future. * What companies are doing to meet the consumption-based business model. * What skills will be in even higher demand. * Tips on what you can do to further advance your career in the new era. And more.