266 - Innovation Circles - The Practice of Inclusive Innovation: Using Innovation To Solve Diversity and Inclusion Challenges

Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming, Co-Founder & President, Propelle Leadership
Lisa Pierosara, Co-Director, WITI Toronto Network
June 10, 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm  •  Siskiyou

Are you looking for fresh, creative approaches to meet the challenge of attracting and retaining women, or any other diversity or inclusion challenge? In this Innovation Circle, we'll apply innovative thinking using the Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) approach to practically tackle a common diversity and inclusion challenge. We'll walk through a mini-ideation or brainstorming session to uncover ideas that you can apply right away. We'll look at different issues in the attracting and retaining of women and work through some key issues as teams. We'll learn from ideas generated and share those ideas with the larger group. This is an interactive session where we'll take a structured ideation approach to understand how you get better thinking and better ideas, using this method. If you want practical, step-by-step, experience working through a challenging problem such as attracting and retaining top women, then this session is for you. Not only will you get solutions you can use, but you'll learn how to apply this method to other key issues or challenges you might face. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP - 21 spots left