Tahereh Daneshi

Professor, Ashford University
364 - The Value of Continuing Education: Invest in Yourself and Your Future!

Tahereh Daneshi, Ph.D., is a professor at Forbes School of Management and Technology. With over 26 years of higher education experience in both state and private universities, she knows the value of continuing education for women. In addition to higher education, Dr. Daneshi has 12 years of industrial experience working in the Semiconductor, Data Management, Transportation, and Wireless Telecommunication Industries. While in industry, she contributed to the design, architecture, and development of many systems, such as Programable Logic Arrays, Enterprise Data Management, Airline APU Monitoring, Handheld Wireless Package Tracking Devices, and Telecommunication Broadband Wireless.

Dr. Daneshi holds an MS in mathematics from Oklahoma State University, an MS in computer science from Midwestern State University, and a Ph.D. in mathematics from Texas Christian University.