Faye Sahai

Managing Director, Vinaj
362 - Blockchain/IOT

Faye Sahai is currently a Partner at Mirai Global, focused on innovation consulting. As well, she is Managing Director at Vinaj Ventures, Telosity Fund, investing in digital health startups. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for: Ayogo Health, Ascend Leadership, Berger Research, and Claremont McKenna Alumni, and is an Advisor to UCSF Catalyst, Samsung Emerging Tech, Food System 6, Exponential Talent, Somnology MD, Lotus Circle, AI and Healthcare Publication, and Innovation Executive Forum.

Ms. Sahai has been recognized by Insurance Business Hot 100 and Elite Women in Insurance Business America, Ascend Leadership Award, ComputerWorld's Top Premier IT Leaders, Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Kaiser Permanente Asian Community, and Innovation Enterprise Best Ideation Award.