Jocelyn Goldfein

Managing Director, Zetta Venture Partners
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Jocelyn Goldfein is a Managing Director at Zetta Venture Partners where she invests in AI-first startups with B2B business models. She's particularly excited about the potential of AI to optimize infrastructure, security, supply chains, and worker productivity. Ms. Goldfein is a widely recognized industry expert on product strategy, infrastructure, and organizational scale. Her career as an engineering leader spans from early stage startups to high-growth years at Facebook and VMware.

During her tenure at Facebook, she helped convert News Feed to Machine Learning and spearheaded the transition to a "mobile first" product organization. As an early engineer at VMware, she built core virtualization technology and ultimately created and led VMware's Desktop Business Unit. She also held engineering and leadership roles at startups Datify, MessageOne and Trilogy/pcOrder. Ms. Goldfein has a passion for STEM Education and serves on the board of Harvey Mudd College and lectures at Stanford University, where she received her BS in Computer Science.