Suzanne Cook

CEO & Co-Founder, StockSmart
354 - FinTech: Disruption, Competition and Co-opetition: The Innovation Imperative

Suzanne Cook is a technology entrepreneur, research expert, and Wharton graduate with extensive and varied Wall Street experience. A seven-time Institutional Investor All Star Analyst, she has fulfilled multiple executive-level roles advising investor clients and providing investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, IPOs and corporate advisory work at First Boston, Merrill Lynch, and Wasserstein Perella.

Ms. Cook anticipates a new golden era of research, augmented intelligence, and risk management thanks to the trifecta of (1) Cloud - cheaper and more accessible computing, (2) Scale Analytics - unifying vastly expanded data sets, and (3) Autonomous pattern recognition via Artificial Intelligence. The FinTech startup that Ms. Cook has founded with the Ainstein Team out of MIT is applying these three phenomena to elevate and automate decision-making and create distinct competitive advantages for two groups of decision makers: (1) Ainstein Optimized AI for Investing - For Investors & Finance Professionals; and (2) Ainstein Optimized Governance - For C-Suite Officers & Boards.