Tanya Baker

Senior Analytic Scientist, FICO
363 - The Age of AI

Tanya Baker is a Senior Analytic Scientist at FICO, where she is responsible for designing, developing and delivering neural network and machine learning based cutting-edge technologies for card and electronic payment fraud detection for US and International financial institutions, including the FICO™ Falcon® Fraud Manager product which protects about two thirds of the world's payment card transactions from fraud. For over eight years, Tanya has worked closely with financial institutions globally to design and build fraud detection analytics for them. FICO has been applying machine learning algorithms for fraud detection since 1992, and develops data and predictive analytics based solutions empowering companies globally to make better decisions by providing innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.

Prior to joining FICO, Tanya was a Junior Research Fellow at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies modeling large-scale neuronal population dynamics using statistical methods. As a post-doctoral lecturer at the University of Chicago, she developed and taught Mathematical Methods for the Biological Sciences and co-authored MATLAB® for Neuroscientists. She received her Doctorate and Masters in Physics from the University of Chicago after having received Bachelors of Science in Physics and Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles.