How to Become a Time Warrior

Presenter: Keiko Munechika, Ph.D., WITI PowerSource Coaches

In this technology-driven, fast-changing society, women are expected to fulfill many "roles" both at work and at home. To be thriving in your career, you must be a savvy problem solver, an exceptional team player, outstanding leader, and on top of that, attend 3 meetings and respond to 40 emails on an average day. In personal lives, we strive to be good friends, a wonderful significant other, a super-mom, while eating healthy and working out 3 days a week. Many of us feel that we are busier than ever.

Is accomplishing all of the above, day after day, going to make you happy? In other words, how good is success without satisfaction? In this virtual coaching session, you will learn why you should throw away your to-do lists and instead create a massive action plan which resonates with your ultimate life and career purpose.

*Space is limited!