Energy Management with Alyse Hart

Learn and use breath and gentle movement techniques to manage your energy during these times. These 15 minute sessions are formulated for strength, inner balance, vision and calm.
Energy Management classes with Alyse Hart are offered Tuesdays at 12pm PDT, and Thursdays at 5pm PDT.

Mondays are for a great start for your week, the afternoons are for a resetting your work day, and the evening class is to help you transition from work mode into evening relaxation.

What WITI Members are saying about Alyse's classes:

"I woke up Monday morning feeling very stiff and sore. I knew that I had a scheduled conference call at 11 am, which I expected to be somewhat difficult and unpleasant. 15 minutes with Alyse on zoom at 10 am helped with both issues. My body felt far less tense and stiff afterwards, and my mental energy got re-channeled, enabling me to take the conference call and deal with it rationally. Hooray for that energy alignment!" 

"Pausing in the middle of the day to get energized has been extremely valuable to me; not only does it help relieve stress, it invigorates me so that I can make it through the remainder of the day in a productive and rejuvenated manner!"

"Thank you for making this available at a time when we all need it, it is extremely helpful!"

"I particularly like Alyse's narration of how we should apply the qi gong movements to our lives. For example, using our hands to 'push away' negativity; imagining a pool of energy as we use our arms to 'hug' a tree in front of us. This gives the flow and the movements practical applications in our day."

"I appreciate WITI making these self-care classes available! I like the short duration to fit it into my work day. I would have not tried this type of class otherwise if I had not seen it here. Thank you!"

Alyse Hart is a Holden Qi Gong facilitator formerly with Weight Watchers and now with her own business Freebirdmojo. She is a former NYC publishing executive and sales trainer. Alyse now speaks about transitioning into health and wellness and teaches high achievers, and entrepreneurs to quiet and energize their bodies and mind.

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