4 Week Course-Breaking Free from Barriers

Everyone has a story. What is your story?

- What are the obstacles you have encountered and overcome?
- What are your current obstacles?
- What stories are you telling yourself that is preventing you from living the life of your dreams?
- What Do You Need to Make Your Dreams Come True?

If this resonates with you then join Winifred Ereyi on the "Breaking Free from Barriers to pursue the life of your dreams" mastermind class.

As a John Maxwell coach and certified reflective structured dialogue facilitator, Winifred will be asking probing questions to encourage a deep discussion that will raise your awareness of the barriers that are stopping you from living the life of your dreams with strategies to break free from them. You will be able to refine your dream from a vague notion of an ideal future into a clear picture of where you are headed with a solid plan to achieve it.

You will be required to answer these questions in your notebook for your benefit. Although you do not have to share your answers in the group, conversations will be encouraged so that participants can learn from each other.

This course is based on the book "Put your dream to the test" by John Maxwell. It is recommended that you purchase the book from any bookstore. Please come to the sessions with a pen and notebook.

Jude Idada, WITI speaker and winner of the NLNG sponsored award for literature writes:

"This year I crave to surround myself with people who have found their purpose or are enthused about finding it. People who have made the conscious choice to become the best version of themselves. To rise above mundane pursuits and pleasures so that their life story can be one of success. Real value added success that contributes positively to the story of existence.

The story that speaks of the belief that emboldened by the power of love, we were born to fulfil a purpose, to push boundaries, create new vistas, chart a new course for mankind, enrich the human body of knowledge, discount wrong thinking, reinvent the old, invent the new, challenge stereotypes, question prejudices, understand nature, unearth the unknown abilities and capabilities of the mind, body, soul and spirit.

I want to be surrounded by those who have the courage and chutzpah to do what they must to bring their dream to fruition"

This is a 4-week WITI Course with a Certificate of Participation.

Course Dates:

Winifred Ereyi is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Leadership Trainer. She is also a certified conflict resolution specialist, peace conversation and reflective structured dialogue facilitator. She is also the founder of ThinkSTEM Foundation providing coaching, mentoring and leadership training to future tech professionals between the ages of 14-25 years.

She has a double major Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Summa Cum Laude) and a Masters in Telecommunications and Systems Engineering. She has worked in the Oil and Gas Sector, Telecommunications and Education sectors.