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The Economic Posterity Series-The Abecedarian Scheme (Course #2)

Part 2 (Course 2) - The Abecedarian Scheme - In Pursuit of Economic Posterity

In Part 1, you learned how to specifically define your future. So you know your destination, you know the outcome you want. 

In part 2, Abecedarian pronounced /ãbêsêˈderêen/, means foundational, fundamental, rudimentary or elementary. In the pursuit of Economic Posterity we will get at the root of the practice. 

We know from research and experience that work done in an area we have background and experience always has significantly better long term outcome. Guess what? You have near 100% background and experience in yourself, so you have an incredibly high probability of long term success in the future you have defined!

The course will take you through a clear and rigorous process of the following steps:

a. We will use your innovation catalysts which are your experiences and capabilities to define your posterity portfolio values, goals and Principles

b. We will learn the process of engagements and networks that generate desired outcomes

c. Doing the due diligence -we will identify the barriers, challenges and landscape of economic posterity

d. We will learn to set the closing terms and learnings by using the core metrics of:

Economic to Personal Value (EPV),

Economic Capacity Calculator (ECC)

Economic Posterity Indicator (EPI) 

e. We will learn to manage our posterity into the long term

f. The process of reaping the outcome of our investment to our Future

*All attendees will be auto enrolled in the post event round table on Friday, April 2, 2021


I have always been enterprising with good ideas and the ability to do big things. Ngozi Bell's teachings helped me uniquely consolidate my “How and Why”. That process crystallized my focus to a destination she called Posterity. Today as a mature career woman, I still have to work, but knowing my destination resulted in a real estate license, branding my skills in nurturing children and creating jobs for others. This has literally changed how I live my journey to the future I am creating. ~ Victoria Maku, Texas, CEO/Founder NutureLinks

Over a period of two years, Ngozi Bell took me from the mindset of an employee trying to grapple with the important longer-term outcomes I craved to the mindset of a leader, founder, technologist, and self-propelling employee that is by far more in control of my future because of what I am accomplishing by working for my posterity and legacy. ~ Michael Johnson CEO / Founder Nexus 3.0 Washington DC