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The Economic Posterity Series-Your place as a Living Legacy (Course 2 and 3)

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1) Reaping and Engaging the benefit of Success - Entering The Posterity Ecosystem

- Access other Players
- Increase your opportunities
- Leverage your options
- Reduce your risks

2) Building your Reputation and Brand - Making the best deals come to you

3) Creating impact - Doing well, Doing Good and Doing You (your terms)

4) Going Borderless - Bestowing Posterity - Giving Back and Giving Forward

- Expand Your Posterity outlook
- Allow others participate and make it their beginning
- Posterity is Legacy

Guided Learning Outcomes

a) Identify your Posterity partners
b) Exploring the bounty of Economic Posterity
c) Share your Posterity and Convert it to your Legacy


I have always been enterprising with good ideas and the ability to do big things. Ngozi Bell's teachings helped me uniquely consolidate my “How and Why”. That process crystallized my focus to a destination she called Posterity. Today as a mature career woman, I still have to work, but knowing my destination resulted in a real estate license, branding my skills in nurturing children and creating jobs for others. This has literally changed how I live my journey to the future I am creating. ~ Victoria Maku, Texas, CEO/Founder NutureLinks

Over a period of two years, Ngozi Bell took me from the mindset of an employee trying to grapple with the important longer-term outcomes I craved to the mindset of a leader, founder, technologist, and self-propelling employee that is by far more in control of my future because of what I am accomplishing by working for my posterity and legacy. ~ Michael Johnson CEO / Founder Nexus 3.0 Washington DC