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Secrets of Building Rapport to Boost Your Career! - 5 Week Course

In this course, participants will learn skills that build rapport to develop relationships that can fuel their careers/businesses.

WITI members and guests will 'How-tos' that includes the following:

-Make networking (virtual and in-person) more comfortable and productive
-Initiate, maintain, and wrap up a conversation in a way that makes others feel understood and heard
-Listen to understand and respond - Use words/phrases to create an instant connection
-Disagree with tact and confidence - Say, "No" with diplomatic assertiveness - Send messages with gestures - Text/email with discretion
-Make your mark at virtual and in-person meetings - Fortify their reputation as a valued team member.
-Navigate through conversation dilemmas (interrupter, rambler, advice giver, idea thief etc.) as well as COVID-related conundrums in a way that everyone feels respected, and more...

Course Format:5, weekly, 1-hr Zoom sessions. Each session will consist of review, instruction, break-out room/s, questions for discussion, and a Q & A, as well a homework.

In addition, I'll pepper sessions with tales of rapport woes and wins.

Course Dates:

3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 4/22, 4/28

Janet Parnes

I have spent more than 20 years in sales and public relations, working/consulting for companies that include Analog Devices and the tech arm of Porter Novelli (international firm, public- relations). In 2005 I picked up on a dream and attended the Protocol School of Washington®. I now work with college students and professionals, developing skills that build rapport to fuel their businesses and careers. Media appearances include NBC, NPR, and the Boston Globe. Also a professional storyteller, i pepper my events with trivia and tales. Why? "One of the keys to learning is enjoying the process".