Business Not As Usual: A Safe Space to Talk About Race

Please join us from 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM PDT (4:30 PM-6:30 PM EDT) as Denise Hamilton and Fred Sugerman from RACE RELAY (TM) create a safe space to talk about race.

The mission of RACE RELAY (TM) is to demonstrate – story is medicine and sharing stories with empathy at the core can be healing. So the healing begins with the process of hearing stories having a common thread; a thread that ties all human beings together – through our desires, our fears, and our racial biases. The intention of RACE RELAY (TM) is to dissolve disunity among those who are seated together, enable them to see a pattern to our biases, and perhaps go beyond tolerance to understand the commonality of our frailties.

Denise Hamilton
Denise Hamilton has over 30 years experience as a writer and producer for television network specials and syndicated programs, as well as stage director. In the area of documentary and broadcast journalism, she was writer and field producer for four internationally-shot documentaries. Prior to moving to Los Angeles she was active in arts administration, serving as a program director at the New York Foundation for the Arts, director of Education Programs for the Roundabout Theatre Company, and a Commissioner with the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Wash. D.C. Presently she teaches documentary filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles campus. Her multi-media theatre piece “Parallax: In Honor of Daisy Bates” is published in the anthology WOMEN HEROES: Six Short Plays, and produced by The Women’s Project of the American Place Theatre, New York City.
Over the past four years, within her capacity as a Project Director for RACE RELAY (TM) gatherings, she has conducted dozens of ongoing community engagement dialogues in Culver City through Common Peace Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence.

Fred Sugerman is a movement artist, educator, and founder of Medicine Dance. He has an inquiring mind, fierce spirit, and curious body informed by mindfulness, traditional theater, and dance. Fred runs weekly classes, monthly workshops, movement arts laboratories, facilitator trainings, international immersions or retreats, and has a private practice. He is co-creator and interventionist for "Mindful Movement for Breast Cancer Survivors," which has been the subject of research sponsored through the City of Hope, as well as the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Providence St. John's Health Center.

Wondering what it's like? Read the testimonials!

"Sharing my lived experience is therapeutic"

"I look forward to each meeting and I do think that more events like this will change the way things may be a slow process and I am hopeful!!"

"This program was and is exceptional."

"Excellent. This is not an easy topic to address."

"The personal stories are very helpful, and seeing people of multiple races discuss the issue of racism is the best way to combat this hateful societal issue."

"I thought the format was very good. I thought the videos were thought-provoking and promoted some good discussion. I liked the gentle tone of the facilitators, and the way Denise gently re-directed when needed."

"This was not what I expected, but was better! It was so very powerful!"

"Being in a multicultural room is so beneficial listening to personal experiences helps to make my life rich and deep and brings more love in!!"

"Listening to others speak from their heart and being vulnerable...and coming from personable experiences...I could learn from this!!""

"This was not what I expected, but was better! It was so very powerful!

"Thoughtfully selected videos! I doubt anyone walked out of that meeting unchanged in some way."

"WITI has been facilitating a conversation on race. This program is one of the best and more needed spaces there is today. The facilitators and the participants are fantastic. Thank you for supporting this effort.""

"Thank you WITI for having the courage to organize and facilitate a challenging topic. You are awesome and more than just a 'tech organization'."

"The information presented was so poignant...and so many deep feelings arose...From shame to sadness to anger to guilt.. and I am inspired now to learn more about the truth of the history of America... I do believe knowledge is power!!!"

"I say Yes to this forum..I can share from my direct experience from my heart With no judgement. A beautiful opportunity to truly be heard and to listen To others...and for me to acknowledge the TRUTH about America's history of the white man!!"

"I so appreciate the tone of the conversation; not political but experiential, respectful and polite which is so rare. Also appreciate the efforts to make it a safe space to exchange thoughts.""

"These types of open, non-judgmental conversations need to occur more frequently. Thank you for creating a space for such dialogue. It was uncomfortable at times, but extremely enlightening and motivational at the same time."

"Denise Hamilton is phenomenal. Her overviews of historical oppression of black people is expertly applied to current events as well as one's life and unconscious and implicit biases. Thank you for the opportunity to participate."

"I like the way that the facilitator is able to hold the space to have these tough conversations"

"I think Denise, the facilitator, did a great job with her tone and demeanor which is especially important with this sensitive topic. Fred incorporated some nice exercises. I think everyone enjoyed the shaking :)."

"Thank you for hosting this video conference. It was both comforting and disturbing. Comforting to hear first-hand what others are feeling and disturbing in that we need to discuss this topic. While I am not a member of WITI, one of my colleagues is a member and shared this opportunity with me. I am so grateful you allowed non-members to join. Thank you for sharing this conference."

"This is a worthwhile seminar. The stories were powerful and enlightening. Denise truly makes it a safe space to share various experiences."

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