Transcending Rules, Roles, and Controls in the Workplace

Almost every woman at some point has experienced walking into a meeting fully prepared to present her idea, and then choked. Even Angela Merkel, the former Chancellor of Germany, claims to have spent entire nights prepping for meetings because she felt insecure. WITI's Carolyn Leighton has referred to this as the Collective Insecurity of Women. Dr. Deborah Sandella, award-winning psychotherapist and author of "Goodbye Hurt and Pain,” originated a method called Regenerating Images in Memory (R.I.M.) that uses our imagination to free us of the negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that cause us to choke. R.I.M. is a body-centered transformational method based in science that feels like magic.

During this coaching circle, you will have an opportunity to experience this method for yourself. In addition, you'll be participating in the first step of a research project to validate that this methodology has the power to change not only your life but the lives of millions of women working in technology.

Coach: Jane Barr
Jane Barr is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Master Facilitator for Regenerating Images in Memory and author of "WiseWoman Leadership.” Her heart is for promoting the growth of women leaders in technology. For 30 years she consulted with the national retail industry leading system, reengineering projects for companies such as CVS, GAP, and REI. Jane knows what it takes to deliver projects on time and on budget, to build strong teams, and to generate business worth millions of dollars. She is an active member of WITI and Corporate Alliance Chair for WITI/Tampa Bay.