Cybersecurity for Project Managers - Driving Secure Practices for Your Projects

Calling all current and aspiring project/program managers and scrum masters!

Security is no longer just 'nice to have'; in fact, security, privacy, and compliance are quickly becoming the building blocks of any important project. In other words, security and compliance cannot be an afterthought. They must be baked into the project from the very beginning.

If you are a project/program manager or scrum master and you can master the art of driving secure practices for your project, you will stand out from the rest. In this session, we will discuss some actionable steps you should take to drive the creation of secure products and services.

In this three-week course, we will discuss the actionable tips to incorporate and think about security in all your projects.

Course Layout:
- Foundations of security
- Project lifecycle and the actionable steps you and your teams can take to build secure and compliant products in each process group of the project.
- Action plan development for your project. We'll also discuss the important questions that you should be asking the key stakeholders.

Note: This is a 3 week course (May 25, June 1, and June 8)

Authors of the Book "Cybersecurity for Project Managers"

Niharika Srivastav, PMP is the SVP of Cybersecurity and Executive Programs at WITI (Women In Technology International, a global organization helping women advance in their careers.

Niharika pursued her engineering education from India and Executive Leadership Program from Stanford. Niharika has 25+ years of experience in engineering, projects and portfolio delivery, customer success, marketing, and sales. She is associated with various non-profit organizations that work towards education.

Sanjay Saxena, CISSP, PMP and Harvard Alumnus is the founder of CyberEdx, a platform focused on simplifying cybersecurity for non-techies. He pursued Engineering from India, and Program in Leadership Development from Harvard Business School.

Sanjay has 25+ years of experience in enterprise architecture, technology program delivery, security, sales, and marketing. He is a radio host who hosts "Hattrick with Sanjay", a national radio show on Cricket. He has hosted radio shows on technology. He is also a Sports Executive, working on bringing Cricket to the USA.