Building Strategic Workplace Relationships During and Post Covid

The Covid pandemic has been a major disruptor to building and maintaining strategic networks, particularly in the workplace. In this Circle, we will explore ways to build and maintain strong workplace relationships whether your team is remote, in-person, or somewhere in between. Gain tips and leave with a plan for enhancing your workplace relationship-building skills.

Jovita Jenkins
Jovita Jenkins is a global executive/leadership coach, peer coaching group facilitator, strategist, author, and speaker. Jovita supports and collaborates with aspiring and seasoned leaders as they come up to speed more quickly in new roles, adapt to rapidly changing global environments, and discover ways to raise their levels of confidence, executive presence, influence, and effectiveness. As a speaker, seminar leader, author, and west coast aerospace "hidden figure," Jovita inspires audiences to shift their mindsets and overcome their success roadblocks.