Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Barbara Bauer

Barbara Bauer

President, GlobalSight Partners

Inducted in 2005

Barbara Bauer is an experienced technology executive who has successfully led small start-up companies and large corporate technology organizations with globally distributed engineering teams. She is president of GlobalSight Partners—a consulting organization supporting companies with international initiatives. Before the new initiative, she held executive positions at Sun Microsystems, StorageTek, US West, Inc., Raynet, and Bell Laboratories.

Through her efforts to encourage a woman’s full potential in science and technology, Barbara Bauer has helped inspire the next generation of women technology pioneers and balance the male/female composition of classroom and boardrooms.

In her professional career and ongoing, selfless contributions to the advancement of women in science and technology, Barbara follows one guiding principle: pioneering innovation knows no human template.

In 2007, she was awarded the Colorado Software Industry Association’s Technology Supporter of the Year. Recently, she was an invited speaker at the 2007 Asia Pacific Women’s Leadership Network Conference, the 2007 Digital Economy Forum for Women, and the 2007 Women and the World Conference in Seoul.

Throughout her career, Barbara has been a recognized leader in technology innovation, software development, and global management. She is known for spearheading projects with redefined technology roadmaps, and for her efforts internationally promoting STEM education—especially for diverse and underserved groups.

She served on executive advisory boards for the Women’s College at the University of Denver; the University of Colorado at Boulder College of Engineering and for her alma mater, St. Louis University.

She was on the core team of planners for the National Center for Women and Information Technology at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Barbara supports Curriki—a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and distribution of Open Source Curriculum. She works with IT firms, government ministers, teachers, and administrators to encourage the development and use of free, high-quality, curriculum resources for students in developing countries.

She is on the board of directors of the public policy committee and the education committee for the Colorado Software Industry Association. She is a member of the Executive IT Panel for the Denver Metro Economic Development workforce development project.

Barbara’s academic credentials include a bachelor of science and master’s in physics. She was part of the Stanford Executive Program.