Women in Technology Hall of Fame

Kim Jones

Kim Jones

Vice President of Global Education and Research, Sun Microsystems , Inc.

Inducted in 2006

As vice president of global education; government; and health sciences at Sun Microsystems Inc., Kim Jones leads a diverse organization committed to providing advanced technologies and services to key constituencies in the public sector.

Her team is responsible for sales of Sun products and services into a variety of communities including higher education, research, primary and secondary schools (K–12), defense and security, public safety, state and local government, healthcare, and life sciences. Specific functions within Kim’s organization include sales, strategic planning, marketing, business development, external research, programs, and collaborations.

Before accepting this role in 2006, Kim was the vice president of global education and research and established education as an independent line of business for Sun. She managed a worldwide staff of over 300 employees in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the United States.

Kim was promoted to this position from her role as director of international sales development where she drove industry sales development for Sun’s international market including education, telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, government, transportation, petroleum, and healthcare.

In this role, Kim managed two international enterprise centers in Geneva, Switzerland, and Menlo Park, California, that supported the field sales teams located within the countries.

Kim is active in driving policy initiatives, evidenced by her testimony before the Congressional Web-Based Education Commission. She is featured as an honorary speaker on the impact of technology in education at influential meetings around the world including NCTET, Sun Education Research Council Meetings, and other education symposiums.

Having been with Sun since 1987, Kim brings with her a wealth of experience in various sales, business development, marketing, management, and senior leadership positions. Kim has been in the technology industry for over 20 years. Before joining Sun, she held many sales, marketing, and management positions at Wang Laboratories and Xerox Corporation.

Kim serves on the Board of Trustees for the Western Governors University, the Board of Directors for the Global Education Learning Community, the Sun Foundation, and the World Bank Institute Advisory Council. She also participates in the Business Higher Education Forum and sits on Sun’s Diversity Council. Most recently, Kim was elected a member of the board of directors at John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

In 2001, as a testament to her superior performance, Kim received the Sun Leadership Award and served on Sun’s leadership council. She also received the prestigious YWCA Award for Women in Business. Kim graduated with honors with a bachelors of arts degree from the University of California, San Diego.