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Managing IT In These Tough Economic Times

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m

This presentation will discuss the various challenges we are facing in
IT these days and some ways to deal with them. Sheleen's message is all
about how to do more with less, becoming more proactive and less
reactive, supercharging your team when the big, sexy projects are off
the table and how to motivate and retain your team.

About Our Speaker(s)

Sheleen Quish has been the CIO for Ameristar Casinos, Inc. based in Las Vegas, Nevada since January 2007. She is the former VP & Global CIO for US Can Company, based in Chicago, Illinois, where she was responsible for the global infrastructure, 3 data centers and a wide array of applications to support the $750 million company in 24 locations in 6 countries. Sheleen’s background is unique in the the CIO world. She has 20 years of Marketing and Operations experience in health care and insurance. While driving improvements in the operations of a major health insurance company, Sheleen became fully aware of the power of IT in shaping a company’s performance and growth. At the same time she recognized that IT is often one of the most poorly managed functional areas and the least well aligned with business objectives. In 1993, Sheleen assumed her first position in a pure IT role, as a CIO. Over the last 13 years she has developed a set of IT management principles and techniques that support achieving business goals and creating a viable IT culture for IT professionals to thrive in. Sheleen leverages her experience and energy to share her solutions with IT managers and their staffs through writing, speaking consulting, coaching and mentoring. Past consulting engagements have included an IT department transformation and an ERP Project Assessment & Rescue. She has also been a Senior Consultant with the Cutter Consortium, Boston, MA, and is an Emeritus member of CIO Magazine Editorial Advisory Board.

Sheleen and her husband, Frank Mallinder, a nationally known executive coach and spiritual guide, reside in Las Vegas.

Event Date and Venue

This event will be held from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 at:

    Tririga Corporate Office
    6700 Via Austi Parkway
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

6:00 - 6:30: Networking (appetizers and beverages)
6:30 - 6:40: General WITI announcements, business, etc.
6:40 - 7:50: Leadership Discussion (30 min. each speaker, 10 min. ques.)
7:50 - 8:00: Closing remarks


Pre-registration for this event is closed and on-site registrations will not be accepted.

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