Empowering Leading Women and Companies in Tech to Cultivate Greater Talent Since 1989

We are WITI. We are a mission-driven company and 160,000 strong community platform fully dedicated to helping talented women and people leading in the global technology industry to develop their talent up to their true potential.

Founded by the civically minded and engaged educator and pioneer Carolyn Leighton and co-founded by her successor President and Chief Community Steward David Leighton as well as co-founder and CTO Daniel Leighton, together we stand for the values of integrity, empathy and service. As noted in Fast Company magazine, "We might not be talking about women in technology if not for the stupendous advocacy of Carolyn Leighton. With a background in education — a sector where female solidarity rules — Leighton set about to create a support network."

For over three decades since 1989, we have and continue to do one thing exceptionally well: we actively and strategically provide consistent opportunities to establish key relationships that unlock growth potential.

After the events of 2020 and the acceleration of digital transformation initiatives at companies globally, our work has become even more important and widely needed.

We believe in solidarity among more women and people in service of a greater prosperity that we can all participate in, contribute to and benefit from. We also believe in the urgent necessity of helping people and companies harness the full potential of our collective human capital in today's increasingly competitive global jobs marketplace and economy.

We convene, celebrate and guide our members, brilliant people of all diverse backgrounds, whose talents have yet to be fully harnessed and cultivated for the greater good. We connect them with each other in a genuinely caring, supportive, confidential when needed, and empathetic environment that exposes them to career advancement and inclusion paths offered by credible corporate partners aligned with our mission.

WITI women networking

We fast-track their results through key WITI relationships in our various summits, custom events and coaching circles that unlock their collaborative growth potential. Our members are curious, service-oriented and truly invested in their growth.

We stand against bullying and prejudice of any kind and work to ensure all members respect our ethics. We commit to always remain true to our values and mission and the "Soul of WITI" as our founder Carolyn Leighton made clear through her example and insistence on kindness as a valid choice in business and leadership.

WITI is not just a job for us. It is a mission that we are dedicated to with urgency and professionalism as we strive for excellence in all that we do.

We strive to grow faster as self-responsible leaders, people and professionals in our interactions and relationships with one another as a mission-driven company and brand.

We are grateful for and embrace each other's uniqueness because we know our differences will contribute to the highest version of ourselves, and our journey towards consciousness, expansiveness, self-awareness and mindfulness as we innovate. Diversity is indeed our valued strength.

At WITI no one stands alone and together we make a bigger difference.

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Rise Faster and Earn Continuing Education Units

Reach the next level in your career. Find the right WITI opportunities, education and events. Discover mentors, certifications, talent matching and career advancement paths within our Coaching Circles and community of advocates. Earn professional development units or continuing education units. Network and get the support you deserve for a satisfying career.

Grow As a Tech Organization

Harness Your People's Talent Smarter and Faster

Benefit from our in-depth, updated and accurate Glass Ceiling Report research and analytics in partnership with the US government on how to harness a diverse workforce smarter and faster to grow your bottomline. Connect with our community of 160,000 women in tech to hire better talent, sponsor WITI events and cultivate relationships with authentic storytelling.