WITI Accessibility Community Launch Feat Monica Goel

Embark on a journey towards digital inclusivity with the "WITI WINS Accessibility for All" virtual event, a collaboration between WITI and CVS Health. Dive into the insights of the world of digital accessibility, designed to foster a more inclusive online environment.

Explore CVS Health's dynamic Accessibility Program, a commitment to make digital assets, products, and services are universally accessible, catering to colleagues and customers with disabilities, and spreading awareness of digital accessibility across all landscapes. Engage in interactive discussions, learn from industry experts, and connect with professionals who share a passion for equal access in the digital sphere.

Join in as we collectively shape the future of digital accessibility. This is your opportunity to be part of a movement that drives positive change and connect with fellow professionals from around the world.

Featured Speaker(s)

Monica Goel

is Executive Director of Digital Accessibility at CVS Health is an executive with 30+ years working in information technology. Today she leads the CVS Health Accessibility Program, responsible for ensuring digital assets, products, and services are accessible to colleagues and customers with disabilities.

Monica has been with CVS Health for 11+ years, through the Aetna acquisition, where she’s been responsible for many engineering projects, including infrastructure and security.

Prior to CVS Health, Monica served as AVP at Marsh McLennan, working with different organizations leading risk management applications. Before Marsh McLennan, Monica worked as a program manager and engineer at various organizations, such as Prudential and Bank of New York.

She is currently the Co-Chair of the Accessibility Leadership Committee at Disability:IN, where a globally diverse group of business leaders come together to share their knowledge, strategies, and best practices to help organizations enhance and maintain accessibility policies and practices in the workplace, marketplace, and supply chain.

Monica holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Indira Gandhi National University, Delhi, India and Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Canberra Institute of Technology, Australia.