AI and Analytics Discussion and Connecting

WITI Industry Networks Presents: Responsible AI Discussion and Connection

You’ve probably heard in the news at least a few instances of AI gone wrong - from biases against certain groups to false facial recognition matches, the responsible use of AI has become an increasingly important topic for citizens, governments and businesses alike. In this session, speakers Chris McClean, Mehrnoosh Sameki, and Petula Brown will share their views on the discipline of digital ethics and Responsible AI, how to use tools to drive Responsible AI in practice, and an industry perspective on why Responsible AI is critical. The session will also include an open discussion for you to share your views on the topic and to ask questions you may be wondering about.

Featured Speaker(s)

Chris McClean As global lead for digital ethics at Avanade, Chris McClean is responsible for driving the company’s digital ethics fluency and internal change and for advising clients on their digital ethics journey. Prior to Avanade, Chris spent 12 years at Forrester Research, leading the company’s analysis and advisory for risk management, compliance, corporate values, and ethics. Chris is currently pursuing a PhD in Applied Ethics with the University of Leeds.

Mehrnoosh Sameki is a principal product lead at Microsoft, responsible for leading the product efforts on machine learning interpretability and fairness within the Open Source and Azure Machine Learning platform. She has cofounded Error Analysis, Fairlearn and Responsible AI Toolbox and has been a contributor to the InterpretML offering. She earned her PhD degree in computer science at Boston University, where she currently serves as an adjunct assistant professor, offering courses in responsible AI. Previously, she was a data scientist in the retail space, incorporating data science and machine learning to enhance customers’ personalized shopping experiences.

Petula Brown is a multifaceted facilitator with competencies and experience in information technology projects in service industries (including healthcare) using total quality management, project management and business analysis skills. She has over ten years of experience including executive leadership relationship management, project team leadership/coordination in matrix organizational structures, creation and implementation of project/product management tools in centralized and decentralized settings, vendor management and customer account management.