Join Our WITI AI Analytics Community Event: A 2023 Retrospective & Networking Extravaganza

As we approach the close of 2023, WITI (Workforce Innovation, Trust, and Influence) warmly invites you to an enriching and insightful gathering. Embracing our evolution from Women in Technology International, we continue to champion innovation and influence across the entire workforce spectrum. This month's AI Analytics community event is a testament to that commitment.

What to Expect:

Celebrating Our Evolution: Reflecting our expanded mission, this event will not only highlight advancements in AI and analytics but also emphasize the importance of trust and influence in the modern workforce. It's a celebration of our growth and the diverse perspectives we bring to technology and beyond.
A Journey Through 2023: Join us in an engaging retrospective, revisiting the groundbreaking insights, trends, and innovations that have shaped the AI and analytics landscape this year.
Breakout Networking Sessions: Engage in intimate breakout rooms, designed for deep connection and idea exchange. These sessions are perfect for building professional relationships and sharing experiences in a supportive and inclusive environment.
Building Lasting Relationships: We're focused on fostering lasting connections. Connect with a diverse group of professionals, thought leaders, and innovators who share your passion for technology, innovation, and workforce development.
All Are Welcome: Whether you're an industry veteran, a rising star, or simply curious about the future of work, our community is open to all. Bring your insights, questions, and enthusiasm!

Let's come together to celebrate the incredible strides in AI, analytics, and workforce innovation we've witnessed this year and prepare for an even more impactful 2024. We look forward to celebrating your personal and professional growth at this event!