Being Human AND a Successful Professional at the same time!

Being successful should be more than just your technical acumen or checklist of professional accomplishments. Real success should be about bringing out the best in yourself, the people you work with, directly manage and simply just share time and space with in the office. In this session, Robby Anderson will talk about his journey in adopting conscious leadership practices, focusing on honesty, service and supporting all team members through life’s more challenging moments. He will share his own experiences (and neuroses) - good and bad - at trying to be human, authentic and approachable while still being professional and getting the job done, at fighting imposter syndrome both when struggling and when succeeding, and how to build genuine trust with bosses, peers and direct reports by being accountable and caring, and then leveraging that trust to be direct and have hard conversations. Plus, a bag of chips.

Featured Speaker(s)

You will laugh, you will cry. You might nap a little. Robby Anderson (he/him/his) is a longtime technology professional and people manager, a husband (with a badass, even more professionally successful wife), a father, a self-professed geek and has over 20 years in recovery. Initially raised in a house of all women, Robby has been an advocate of gender equality as long as he’s been aware of that term. More recently Robby was introduced to Brene Brown, Don Miguel Ruiz and Thict Nhat Hahn (among others) who have reshaped his entire being and outlook. Currently Robby is a Senior Director of Engineering at Cvent, serving as the Regional Office Council representative for Austin and is on the Steering Committee for the Woman in Leadership group.

Schedule of Events

Doors open at 5:30, with ample time for getting a drink, snacks, and networking with WITI Austin Network Members. The speaker will start at 6:15 and ends the event ends at 7:30.