Power Walks with WITI: Connect to your Power


SESSION 1: Thursday, May 7, 2020; 5:30-6PM CST
CONNECT TO YOUR POWER: Shift your self-Confidence NOW.

FACT: Working out can boost creativity for up to two hours.

Jump on a treadmill, walk around your house or the block….but whatever you do JOIN US! *Be sure and respect all social distancing guidelines in place.*

In these short, concise and impactful 30-minute live audio sessions, WITI will host Jane Barr to explore two topics relevant to our community of women in technology. After a short presentation on each topic, Jane will open up the mike for Q&A where we can ask questions and/or share the challenges and realities we are each experiencing.

Harvard Business Review (June 2019) points to two reasons that more women are not
in leadership roles. One is cultural bias and the other is, �"women’s lack of confidence”. During this presentation, you will experience a positive shift in your confidence and the ability to use this power! Jane provides you with the spark that connects you to your power as a leader.

Featured Speaker(s)

Jane Barr is an Executive Coach, Professional Speaker, and Author of the book and coaching program, �"WiseWoman Leadership: Leading with Ease, Grace and Joy”. She coaches women leaders in technology to connect to your power so you can move past detractors like age, gender and race and thrive in your career.

For 30 years Jane lead system re-engineering projects with national retailers such as CVS, GAP and REI. She knows what it takes to deliver projects on time and on budget, to build strong teams and to generate business worth millions of dollars. Jane also knows exactly what it feels like to have her life out of balance, her voice not heard, to be sidelined, laid off, and seriously question, �"Is this all there is?”