All About Agile

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan Agile Manifesto

With those words a group of people created the Agile Software Development philosophy. Today companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Spotify use agile not only in SW development, but across their organizations. So whether you are in IT or HR, come join us for our "All About Agile" event held at Greentube! No matter if you are new to Agile or an experienced practitioner, there will be something for you. Our experienced Agile panellists will share their experiences on topics ranging from starting an Agile transformation to every day Agile best practices to where Agile works (and where it doesn't.).

We hope you will join us as we continue to build a robust network for women here in Vienna!

Featured Speaker(s)

Blerina Ilia comes from a Business Management, Technology and Innovation background, with a 12 years of experience in Requirements Management, Business System Analysis and Project Management.

One of the main lessons learned, is that in an Agile environment where business requires fast reaction to the market needs, people need to develop themselves into this Agility and have the good willing to always find better ways to achieve their responsibilities.

During her career path, Blerina has not only developed interest in new technologies, but also in human attitudes and relationships, seeing them as two main elements to build better cross-team communications and Qualitative Software deliveries.

She is currently working at Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions, and Dynamicity is what drives her further development in Agile Requirements Management and Scrum Master Responsibilities.

Blerina has strongly contributed in applying Agile in Greentube Software development processes, by introducing changes on requirements management, analysis and documentation, as well as cross- team collaborations.

She moves with the moto: "Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more."

Vanja Tokic is an IT Banking Expert who helps teams in Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) find meaning behind the Agile hype.

Be it trainings on agile mindset and values, supporting agile initiatives, coaching Scrum teams, introducing Kanban to manage flow, or any other way that supports teams work closer and better together, Vanja's focus is always on improving communication, fostering cooperation between Business and IT and delivering meaningful results to RBI Group.

Before his recent switch to a full-time Agile Change Agent, Vanja had a rich career in RBI for 15 years in various roles (SW Engineer, Project Manager, Service Manager, Team Lead, Scrum Master, Product Owner) and across multiple business areas (Finance, Corporate, Risk, Treasury, DWH, BI), where he was one of the frontrunners transforming the way of working and introducing agile frameworks.

In his free time, Vanja enjoys scuba diving and snowboarding.

Sylvia Scheerova is the Cognitive Systems Channel Leader for Europe at IBM. She comes from the sales and sales operations background in IBM. Within more that 18 years in IBM she has been holding different leadership positions in the international sales as well as sales support functions. Recently being responsible to IBM Business Partner eco-system for its Cognitive Systems portfolio in Europe.

She has come across the Agile approach for internal as well as external clients of IBM. “Agile is an attitude” is her motto, not just a programmatic methodology for projects, SW deployments etc. It is definitely not just the next cool vibe around.

Being responsible for full relationships with business partners and broader eco-system, she sees the need for organizations to act with speed and adopt to changing demands as critical factors for their success and sustainability.

In her free time is enjoys swimming and scuba diving.

Barbara Friesenbichler advises and assist corporate clients in fitting their company and executives for agile transformation. Based on her own previous, extended business- and management experience, she consequently knows and understands business challenges on economic and strategic level. In regard to agile transformation her special focus lies on growth mindset, leadership strategy, corporate culture and team empowerment. By combining neuroscientific insights and latest state-of-the art-leadership she is providing sound support on individual as well as corporate level to manage the paradigm-shift.

Schedule of Events

17:30 - Doors open at Greentube
18:00 - Welcoming remarks from WITI
Opening by Greentube CTO, Thomas Kolbabek
18:15 - Greentube introduction
Quick description of Agile
18:30 - Agile Panel discussion
19:30 - Wrap up and networking