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Making Digital Health Work
The ten principles to drive patient engagement.

It is predicted that by 2030, the world will experience a shortage of 15 million healthcare professionals. This comes from a growing elderly population, an increase in chronic diseases, and other pressing issues, all of which require urgent innovation in healthcare. Digital Healthcare is poised to address these challenges by introducing novel care methods that mitigate worker shortages and offer personalized and efficient care to previously underserved populations.

The critical issue is sustaining user engagement with digital healthcare applications long after the initial excitement fades. This poses a significant challenge to achieving long-term health tracking and behavioral change. The potential benefits of digital healthcare solutions are vast, but the solution to these challenges needs to be identified and implemented soon to realize its full potential. This presentation will review ten principles that are key to capturing and maintaining your audience's attention with your digital health applications.

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Featured Speaker(s)

David Box

David Box is a seasoned executive with extensive international experience dedicated to improving patient outcomes with digital products that are a pleasure to use. He has a track record of helping customers in Europe, Asia, and the US conceptualize, develop, and bring healthcare technologies and services to market. David collaborates with clients throughout the process, from idea generation to product launch and beyond. Spending more than a decade working with digital health, life science, pharma, and MedTech industry clients, he has helped create disruptive products and services that lead the market and positively impact patient outcomes and engagement.

Schedule of Events

I. Introductions (5 minutes) Welcome and thank everyone for joining Ask each participant to introduce themselves briefly, including their name, role, and one thing you want everyone to know about themselves

II. Women in Technology International (WITI) Updates (5 minutes)Provide an update on any recent WITI initiatives, events, or newsInvite any participants to share their own WITI-related updates or experiences

III. Speaker Presentation (15 minutes)Introduce the speaker and topic of discussionAllow the speaker to give their presentationEncourage participants to ask questions or share their thoughts at the end of the presentation

IV. Breakout Rooms (2 Rounds, 10 Minutes Each) Divide participants into smaller groups and assign them to breakout roomsInstruct participants to discuss the speaker's presentation, share their own experiences related to the topic, and get to know each other betterProvide some guiding questions to facilitate the conversation, if necessary

V. Wrap Up (5 minutes)Bring everyone back to the main meeting roomAsk each breakout room to share their main takeaways from the discussionThank everyone for attending, where to send comments and questions and encourage them to stay connected with each other and join WITI.