Climate Change and Sustainability Discussion and Connecting

Climate change is having profound effects not just on our physical world, but on the psyche and development of today's youth. As highlighted in a recent report from the American Psychological Association and ecoAmerica, the consequences of a warming planet pose unique threats to children and teenagers.

From prenatal development through adolescence, climate change can impair normal physiological, cognitive, and emotional growth in irreversible ways. Just three weeks ago, this report outlined how rising temperatures, natural disasters, degraded environments, and societal instability are negatively impacting teenagers' mental health. In tomorrow's session, we will dive deeper into these psychological impacts and discuss what parents, educators, and leaders must do to safeguard the well-being of the next generation. As climate change accelerates, our youth will be inheriting an increasingly unstable world. It is imperative that we work to mitigate this crisis and provide the social supports necessary for them to cope with its far-reaching effects. By focusing tomorrow's discussion on these critical issues, we hope to raise awareness and spur meaningful action.

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Featured Speaker(s)

Nazenin Gure is Research Assistant at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Beykent University and CEO of ENHAS R&D Energy Systems LLC, Istanbul, Turkey. Her B.Sc. is in Environmental Engineering, B.Sc and M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering. She is a PhD. candidate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department in Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Her M.Sc. scholarship is supported by Scientific and Technological ResearchCouncil of Turkey. Her start-up project is selected for Technological Entrepreneurship Industry Support, funded by Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology (MoSIT). Her M.Sc. Thesis on Energy Harvesting is published by USA's leading piezoelectric company: Mide Technology and PIEZO. She contributed as CTO of ENLIL project, which has International Theme Award in Climate Launchpad, Edinburg, UK. She has 8 National Awards including Turkish Economy Bank's 3rd Place.

Her research area are clean/green/sustainable energy, energy economy, climate change, climate change effects on economy, energy harvesting systems, renewable energy, piezoelectricity, biomedical devices and blockchain solutions. She participated hackathons such as MIT Beat The Pandemic II, EUvsVirus Pan-European, Florida Sunshine Hackathon (selected for Silicon Valley) and Facebook F8 Refresh.

She is the board member of Turkish Society of Patent Action. Her recent study presented at IEECP'21 (Silicon Valley, CA, USA). Recently, she performed as Moderator, presented her findings as “honorable invited speaker” in Albedo Meetings, Munich, GERMANY and announced as scholarship winner for ClimateTech by MIT Technology Review.

Schedule of Events

I. Introductions and Welcome (5 minutes)

II. WITI Updates (5 minutes)

III. Speaker Presentation and Q&A (25 minutes)

IV. Breakout Rooms (20 minutes) Attendees will be put into smaller groups to discuss the speaker's presentation, share their own experiences related to the topic, and get to know each other.

V. Wrap Up (5 minutes)