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Women make up more than half of the world population and the U.S. workforce. They influence nearly 70% all purchasing decisions, worldwide. Yet, women hold just 16.9% of board seats globally, according to a Deloitte report. Nationally, nearly 80% of capital firms in the U.S. have failed to allow women to represent on the board of portfolio companies. In Massachusetts, women occupy only 39% of corporate board seats and a sparse 34% serve as board chairs, according to an Eos Foundation study.

Yet, studies indicate that diversity in the board room leads to more innovative solutions to complex problems and provide new perspectives that broaden the insights of all members. Why then, do women remain vastly underrepresented on corporate boards?

This panel will provide valuable insights to board leadership and membership, as well as ways to change perception and demonstrate the benefits of having a diverse board.

Discussion will include:

- The function of a corporate board
- Expectations and duties of board members and leaders
- Benefits of gender inclusion on a corporate board
- The value of mentorship and support from existing board members
- How to achieve success as a board member or director
- Resources available for becoming a corporate board member

Meeting Notes

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