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Digital transformation and the future of work: What’s next?

Digital transformation has been on the CIOs agenda for several years now. According to a past survey, 85% of enterprise decision makers felt they had two years to make significant inroads on their digital transformation strategy, before suffering any negative business impact. Well, COVID-19 accelerated that timeline to days and weeks. In fact, companies that didn’t adapt had to scramble to support their customers and employees.

Now that most companies are digital, leveraging a host of cloud-based SaaS products " for live streaming to real-time product development " what should be on the agenda of CIOs and business leaders?

Come hear the speakers share their experience, challenges, and best practices of going digital.

They’ll also talk about:

-The future of digital transformation
-Technologies that will drive the hyper-connected world
-Plan to further support the post-COVID workforce
-The future of work and digital customer experience
-And more.

Featured Speaker(s)

Bill Gargano, SVP, RCMT

Parna Sarkar-Basu, CEO, Brand and Buzz Marketing & V.P. Brand Marketing, WITI

Karla Viglasky, CIO, GORE