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Levelling Up by Shifting Down - Understanding Burnout and Success

Dr. Burnout™, Kimberly Wilson, Ph.D, creator of Cure Your Burnout™ and CEO of Leadership & Resilience Consultants is the go-to-expert for high-achieving women experiencing burnout. After experiencing burnout from regular exhausting 14-hour workdays, she knew something needed to change. She mastered numerous strategies and made key shifts allowing her to regain control of her time and health. She started seeing huge changes at work and at home. So, she created Cure Your Burnout™ to assist other ambitious professional women to take control of their energy and lives minus the guilt.

Featured Speaker(s)

Dr. Kimberly is an experienced speaker who has spoken throughout the U.S. including the Philippines and South Africa. Appearances include: Call Me Unstoppable, The Budgenista, Breaking Chains’ Ladies Night Radio, the Escape Normal Podcast, Original Circle of Friends, US Army, Marines, US Air Force, CANTEEN, and Within Your Reach

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