Leadership Team

Winifred Ereyi

I am the CEO of ThinkSTEM Foundation, a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Training organization. ThinkSTEM Foundation is a subsidiary of eWirecommunications. I have a double major Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Summa Cum Laude) and a Masters in Telecommunications and Systems Engineering. I have worked in the Oil and Gas Sector and Telecommunications. I am passionate about STEM Education and PeaceBuilding.

At eWirecommunications, we offer Speaking, Coaching and Specialized leadership training to current and future tech professionals so that they can develop leadership, conflict resolution and analysis, Personal and WorkPlace Safety Skills.

The mission of ThinkSTEM Foundation is to increase the number of girls pursuing and thriving in STEM careers by connecting girls with an inspiring community and accessible resources that can help them conquer common barriers to entry, retention and promotion.

Our vision is to see current and future female STEM professionals equipped with social and emotional skills to safely navigate their personal and professional lives. Our motto is Strong Girls, Strong Minds, Strong World.