The Art, Magic and Science of the Perfect Pitch: Pitchcraft, Part II-with John Bates


In a follow-up session to his previous webinar, The Art, Magic and Science of the Perfect Pitch: Pitchcraft, John Bates will be joining us to offer a group coaching session. John is a world-renowned Communications & Leadership Expert, and in the first webinar he shared the secrets behind pitches that succeed. Even though you have a great idea, a great product and a great team, you need to be able to communicate that well or it can languish while an inferior idea, product and team rise to prominence. If you missed John’s first webinar, you can listen to the recording here:,-Magic-and-Science-of-the-Perfect-Pitch:-Pitchcraft/

In this Pitchcraft, Part II webinar, John will answer questions and work with individuals to assist everyone on the webinar in using the principles he shared even more effectively. Come with questions, use cases, and whatever you'd like John's assistance with and this will be one of the most powerful hours you spend this year. John's group coaching is powerful for everyone in attendance and at times can be more powerful than even 1:1 coaching, because as John works with someone you will often see yourself in them and get insights you wouldn't have gotten in any other way.

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John Bates is a Leadership Communication Expert and #1 bestselling author and his highly effective coaching, training, and keynotes are based in the neurobiology and evolutionary biology of human leadership and communication. John works with forward-thinking leaders and teams to help them change the world. John supports many organizations like NASA (including the astronauts), Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, Boston Scientific, Coca-Cola, Motorola, IBM, AirLiquid and many others. John is regularly recommended by his clients as one of the best and most effective leadership communication trainers and executive coaches working today.

John is also one of the most prolific TED-talk format trainers in the world. He has coached and or spoken for over 35 specific TEDx events, he coaches and trains for the TED Fellows program, and he has trained many high-level leaders for their summits, engagements and events.