Career management Skills with Ashwin Chaudhari

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Join us for this interactive discussion with Ashwin Chaudhari.

Career Management Skills-

The world of work is changing fast. New opportunities pop up every day. And these days, you're unlikely to be in one job your whole life. So, be ready to face unexpected changes. Having the right information, or knowing how to get it, helps you make decisions about what to do. That’s where Career Management Skills come in. They help you understand yourself and the world around you and take control of your career with all its potential opportunities.

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Ashwin Chaudhari is a visionary entrepreneur who brings a positive mind-set, strategic planning, and resolute courage that empowers undertakings. His unparalleled team-building skills have been a key factor in many success stories. Ashwin is a motivational mentor, coach, and adviser to many professionals and startups.

Currently, Ashwin is the CEO of IMATMI, a company that helps clients in a business transformation process. Ashwin also has founded a not-for-profit company, Art of Success, that helps students by being impactful in their lives. Ashwin brings 25 years of experience in executive management from companies such as Goldman Sachs, and his strong, proven conceptualization, innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and adaptability will continue to empower enterprises to manage industry challenges.

Ashwin has an MS in Computer Science from BITS Pilani, and a BE in Computer Engineering from PICT, University of Pune, India. He has also earned certifications from Harvard Business School and The Wharton School courses.