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Interested in learning about data privacy, digital forensics, and cyber safety?

Join local security experts for a fun filled interactive discussion where we'll play a game of guess the password, detect hidden clues in photographs, and more.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested learning about online safety, security, and cyber hygiene
To participate in this event, you must be at least 13 years of age.
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Featured Speaker(s)

Ingy Youssef

Information Security Architect, digital transformation leader, researcher and guru-ess

Ingy Youssef is an engineer at heart with a defender mission. Her work focuses on application and cloud security spanning a wide range of secure by design practices, security patterns & protocols design as well as threat modeling techniques & software security testing, in addition to cloud security controls, governance and automation.

She is a security professional who likes to build systems, break systems, research and defend systems and is dedicated to lifelong learning. With a Masters in Information Systems and over 10 years of experience developing new software, team leadership and project management, she earned a PhD in Cryptography while acquiring a wide range of ethical hacking skills and deep knowledge of systems vulnerabilities as a certified ethical hacker.

Focused on rounding her expertise in security, she worked to extend her knowledge of various tools and techniques for systems defense and enterprise security architecture. She then moved on to application & cloud security building upon her skills in offensive, defensive and foundational security to serve the developers community and bring teams closer for a unified builders and defenders front.

Jada Gilliam

Jada is from Cleveland Ohio. She graduated from Tiffin University Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in Digital Forensics and minored in Cyber Defense in 2019. During her undergraduate studies at Tiffin, she participated in cyber security club, athletics and joined numerous campus organizations. After graduating she was offered a graduate assistant position at Tiffin University's Cyber Center.

During her graduate studies, she continued her athletics college career, became a member of the Ohio Cyber Women Chapter in Central Ohio, worked as an IT student Help Desk Worker, and assisted in improving the Cyber Center for Cyber and Digital Forensics students at Tiffin. She went on to graduate in the spring of 2020 with a Masters of Science in Crime Analysis.

Masika Kristos

Masika has been an active participant in giving back to the community and volunteering her time. She severs as an active member of Ohio Cyber Women to engage and encourage young girls towards a future in Cyber Security. Masika also serves on the planning committee for the Central Ohio InfoSec Summit and she is a founding member of EmpoWE-R Women of InfoSec.

Masika Kristos is a graduate of Franklin University with a Bachelor's degree in Cyber Security. In her current role, she is a Third Party Risk Advisor for Cardinal Health.

Michaela Vojta

Michaela Vojta is from Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from Cuyahoga Community College with an Associates in Criminal Justice in 2017. In 2020, she graduated Cum Laude with two bachelors and a minor; Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity with a minor in Computer Information Systems from Tiffin University.

Michaela is currently a Graduate Assistant and Graduate Student at Tiffin University pursuing a Master of Science in Cybersecurity. While at Tiffin University, Michaela works at the IT Help Desk and holds multiple leadership positions on campus. She is Co-Founder and President of Association for Computing Machinery, Secretary of Circle K International, and Member of Student Government.

Samara Williams

Samara grew up in a blended family in San Antonio, Texas. Throughout most of her childhood and a couple of years in college she played basketball, it was her life. Soon she would move on from basketball tunnel vision and grow an affinity for technology. After completing a degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Cybersecurity, Samara moved from San Antonio, TX to Columbus, OH to pursue a Cybersecurity career. Samara was a rotation analyst in a program where she had the opportunity to rotate through seven companies headquartered in Columbus to learn from their Cyber Security program. Currently, Samara works in Cyber Threat Intelligence, collecting and analyzing a wide range of threats to a wide range of industries. She specializes in MITRE ATT&CK, threat actor reporting, fostering relationships with other security partners, as well as process design and development.

Samara is passionate about relationship building, public speaking, giving back to the community, and encouraging women and minorities in Technology. This passion lends itself to the various extra curriculars that she is involved in such as: Treasurer of the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals - Columbus Chapter (ICMCP-CBUS), Vice President of the Ohio Cyber Women (OCW) – Columbus Chapter, Founding member of the EmpoWE-R Women of InfoSec, and volunteer mentor for Franklin County Children Services. When she is not working and/or volunteering, you will find her at a metro park, binge-watching a Netflix/Hulu series, or cooking a family meal. There are two mottos that she lives by "Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation." Samara has aspirations to be a fearless and innovative leader who inspires others to find their purpose.

Schedule of Events

Challenge your inner de-tech-tive, cultivate a curious mind, cherish privacy, protect yourself!

We'll be discussing:
- Data privacy: how to be safe on social media; hidden data in photos shared online; protecting your location data
- Digital forensics: social media platforms and the information they store; digital trail you leave behind on social media, websites or chats; digital history is permanent
- Cyber safety: why multi factor authentication is important; use of biometric data as a password; what is a 'Strong' password

Meeting Notes

Please note: we are opening up this event to those under 18. Each registrant must have their parent/guardian permission to attend. When you connect to an event via Zoom, you have the opportunity to change your name (remove last name) in your settings, if desired. Please stay safe during online events.