Leadership Team

Mimi Shalash

Mimi Shalash is a problem solver and strategist. Her current role as an Observability Strategist at Splunk allows her to help enterprise clients accelerate their digital transformations, maximize their cloud investment and quantify the value of implementing new software solutions.

When she isn't meeting with engineering and cloud leaders, you will find her hosting networking events as an ambassador of WIA (Women in Analytics) and CYP (Columbus Young Professionals). Her passion includes bridging technology and personal branding to enhance the lives, careers, and experiences of our community. Among her many community positions, her favorite is advocating on behalf of underrepresented groups in STEM while also presenting businesses with impact data on the importance of driving social change.

Sarah Campbell

Sarah S Campbell is a Cloud Business Operations Specialist. She is responsible for reporting, analysis, planning, prioritization and continuous improvement of the Cloud governance team at Magellan Health. She facilitates FinOps across the enterprise, monthly strategic capability reports and assists in decision-making to ensure the AWS platform is secure and standardized for our application development teams. She identifies, executes and communicates process improvements, including working with the development teams to analyze, gather requirements and deliver new products as needed.

Sarah holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree from Kent State University - both in Art Education. She has previously worked in the insurance and retail industries and is always open to a new challenge.

Sarah loves giving back to the community with various organizations and has mentored a refugee student for 7+ years and counting!

Outside of work Sarah creates art, spends time with friends and explores the outdoors - with or without her puppy-baby, Dexter.

Lujain Alazam

Lujain Alazam is a VP within JPMorgan Chase. Lujain joined JMPC in 2012 as a teller, eventually she took several mobility opportunities, including:

- technical Business Analyst II
- Application Support Analyst
- Software Engineer
- DevOps and Configuration lead.
- Strategic Analytics & Risk Architecture

Her journey with JPMC has been similar to an elevator ride: the first floor is her starting point as a teller and her current position is the floors above. She is always open to meet new people, embrace new ideas, and take in as many new opportunities as she can. Similar to what you would come across on an elevator ride.

In addition to her current role at JPMC, she is one of the Multicultural Festival - Columbus Lead, Take IT Forward, Women On The Move former leader and Fast Forward Women On The Move Champion. Embracing her role as a woman in technology is important to her, as she wants to support and empower others in their future accomplishments because this is a critical part of her identity.

Lujain is a graduate of the University of technology, Baghdad, Iraq. With a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She enjoys spending time with her family and likes interior design, reading, traveling and she is a great chef.

Dheera Alluri

Dheera Alluri is a Senior Software Engineer at JPMorgan Chase. She is very passionate about technology and loves to learn and experiment with any new technology that comes her way.

Apart from app development at Chase she is also a communications lead at an initiative Take IT Forward under Women on the Move in Tech, a long-term career development initiative that supports the development, retention and progression of women in Technology.

She believes representation of women in the tech sector matters. Diversity in the workforce contributes to creativity, productivity, and innovation. Women's experiences along with other experiences - should inform the direction of digital innovation.

Dheera holds a degree in Electronics and Communication. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family - her husband and her twin boys travelling and exploring the food scene around Columbus.

Alyssia Maluda

Alyssia is the Co-Founder & Head of Operations at fraction.work, a startup working to connect growing companies with US-based fractional developer talent.

Prior to fraction.work, Alyssia worked with HiddenLevers, a financial technology startup in Atlanta, where she supported product and business operations.

Alyssia also spent time with the World Bank Malaysia and consulted on state-level investment operations leading to the establishment of the first investment promotion agency in East Malaysia. During her time with the World Bank Malaysia, Alyssia also supported research on national digitization policy to promote and support digital adoption among small and medium enterprises. Alyssia also consulted with Pandan Digital, a local Malaysian startup, to advise on client management and product development.

Alyssia is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Studies.

In her spare time, Alyssia likes to travel, cook and spending time outside.

Madelyn Cuckovich

Madelyn is a recent graduate of Kent State University where she studied business with a focus on scientific and technical communications. Her interest in technology stems from a passion to improve the quality of life for those in her community and beyond. She has just accepted a new position as a Sales Development Representative.

Madelyn has had the opportunity to travel internationally and brings a global perspective to current and future roles. She is excited to align herself with WITI’s mission and values. She hopes to further WITI’s platform while building her network.