Security & Privacy: Impacting your Personal & Professional Life

Is ignorance really bliss when it comes to Security & Privacy in your personal and professional life? One might like to think so. Until you're notified your email address, debit card, online profiles or even your residence...has been compromised. Our homes and refrigerators can be automated, our TV's have potential listening devices in them (*cough* Samsung) and your laptop camera can be a weapon just as much as a tool. We don't mean to exaggerate but when each of the above listed are used every day, being "in the know" just might be the better, albeit safer, route.

Join us for an evening of thought-provoking discussion around how to improve or get started protecting yourself, your assets and your company's valuable data. We will breakout groups with tables to rotate through with questions, case studies and/or stats on all things Security & Privacy. We hope to inspire dialog around the current status of our cyber and physical safety. This is an event for those technical in the industry just as much for those in functional roles or "not in IT" - no matter, we're all in it together!

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Featured Speaker(s)

Kate Kuehn, Deputy CISO - Head of Security Practice at BT Americas, has been an active thought leader in Security & Advanced Network Technologies for close to 20 years. She evolved as a thought leader from her years at MCI & Verizon where she led some of the industry’s first projects in Ethernet as a network (CPA) and IAAS. Kate went on to lead the Financial Services Complex Solutions team for Verizon before joining BT in late 2011. Since joining BT, Kate has been focusing developing complex solutions for key clients in the Americas & took over as Head of the Security Practice in April of 2015. She is passionate about developing Women in Technology, and participates in a number of mentoring programs and BT’s Women’s network. Kate has attended Marquette & Northwestern Universities & holds certificates in International Politics from The Les Aspin Center for Government & Oxford University. A mother of four, when not focusing on Security, Kate loves leading her girls’ Girl Scout troop, and spending as much time possible sailing / boating with her family. Kate’s areas of focus include understanding the role of the modern CISO, the correlation between Security & traditional IT initiatives & STEM outreach.

Tammie Briscoe, VP of the West Region for US and Canada, will also be joining us. Tammie joined BT in 2002. In her role of VP for the West Region, she provides oversight of all business sales and operations activities required in the delivery of networked IT services for Global Services clients. With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, she is recognized as an accomplished executive leader with a reputation for achieving success in the start-up, growth and optimization of diverse teams delivering a broad range of products and services across global environments.

Schedule of Events

6pm - Arrival & Networking
6:30 - Introductions to BT in the Americas team
7:00 - Beginning of topic roundtable rotations
8:00-8:30 - Wrap up & Network