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April 02, 2015 (Noon " 2 PM)

Our next Women in Technology International event will take place in our Denver office, on April 2nd.

Share in the vision of Women in Technology. We will share our purpose and provide guidance on how we can all participate.

Karen Lee from S&P Capital and Summiya Mahdi from Women in Technology International (WITI) will share their personal history / hits and misses and personal anecdote with the audience.

...followed by engaging table topics:

What does it take to grow and succeed, to climb the corporate ladder?
What are the potential barriers for women to figure in the top cadre of organizations? What are the implications of this for our organization and our world?
Work life balance " how do you manage your career, family, health, etc?
Why did you choose Technology and would you again? What are the benefits of this career to you and your family?
...and more!

Please join the event and keep the conversation going!

Thank you,


Featured Speaker(s)

In her position, Vicki oversees the Sales and Marketing Systems for S&P Capital IQ. As an information systems professional in the financial and education industry, Vicki's skills have been applied to many business development efforts deployed across diverse platforms. Vicki joined S&P in 2002 to lead the technology project, No Child Left Behind Act, funded by the Gates Foundation.

The scope of her background includes the management and strategic development of technology and data projects, hands-on management of infrastructure planning, and application development. Vicki prides herself at successfully heading a team that can work together with high energy on a global scale.

Vicki grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and has worked in technology for 20 years. She is a single mother, with a successful son in Brooklyn.

Vicki currently resides in NYC.

Miya's career spans over 30 years working with various technology software, hardware, Internet protocols for companies such as Qwest (now CenturyLink), IBM, ComCast (now Xfinity), Sprint, High Speed Access, and business education technology consulting companies. She also has over 9 years' experience as technology coordinator, Director of Technology and Communications. At High Speed Access, she was part of the initial team to launch an Internet Service Provider call center. Miya also owns a small business consulting on technology and business process improvement.

Miya has a Bachelor in Computer Network Engineering Management, Master's in Business Administration / Technology Management and Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership/Educational Technology. She is a researcher, photographer, mentor, motorcycle rider, and enjoys crocheting. Miya is passionate about women of all ages receiving the correct education, mentoring, and leadership to excel in engineering, technology, and Science fields

Schedule of Events

Meet and Greet from Noon - 12:30 PM (Includes lunch)
12:30 - 2 PM speakers and round table