Brain Disruption for Increasing Innovation (Interactive)

Join us for an interactive session on BRAIN DISRUPTION with innovation company, whose methods have shown that programs using improv-based methodologies which disrupt the brain can increase the ability to generate ideas by up to 68%.

Featured Speaker(s)

Gail Montgomery
Before founding ExperienceYes in 2013, Gail spent time in a variety of industries, notably as a Human Resources professional for a Fortune50 company headquartered in New York City where she streamlined hiring processes and developed her own playbook for hiring the “right” candidate. As Executive Director of a local non-profit arts organization, she brought her professional rigour and creative thinking to a company in need of creative guidance. Gail is passionate about culture and innovation and is co-author of the recently published book Brain Disruption: Radical Innovation in Business through Improv, where she explores the neuroscience behind creativity and how to move teams to that next inspired level.

Schedule of Events

5:30-5:45 Meet and Greet
5:45-6:15 Randstad
6:15-6:45 Microsoft
6:45-7:30 Experience Yes