Conversations with Danne Feat. Drones, Careers & Me

Join us for an exciting and insightful WITI special event featuring a captivating interview with Sam Scully, an accomplished drone pilot, conducted by the renowned Danne Smith Mathis, host of the popular Clubhouse show "Conversations with Danne."

Event Highlights:

Introduction to Drones: Discover the fascinating world of drones and their various applications across different industries.
Personal Journey: Hear from Sam Scully about her journey into drone piloting, her challenges, and her successes.
Technology and Innovation: Learn about the latest advancements in drone technology and how they are transforming fields such as photography, agriculture, logistics, and more.
Impact on Everyday Life: Understand how drone technology is becoming increasingly relevant in our daily lives and what it means for the future.
Q&A Session: Engage in a lively Q&A session where you can ask Sam and Danne your burning questions about drones and their impact.

Why Attend?

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a professional looking to leverage drone technology in your field, or simply curious about drones, this event will provide valuable insights and inspiration. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from two dynamic women leading the way in technology and innovation.

Featured Speaker(s)

Danne Smith Mathis: Speaker Bio

Danne Smith Mathis is an accomplished writer, speaker, and educator. She began her writing journey at nine, documenting family experiences in poetic form. At Carnegie Mellon University, Danne found her voice, influenced by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson and the Kuntu Writers' Workshop.

After earning her Master's in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California, Danne taught English at Essex County College and Clayton State University. Her innovative teaching methods captivated both traditional and non-traditional students.

Danne has held influential roles in corporate America, including Special Assistant to the CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey. She is also a seasoned proposal writer and communications specialist. Co-author of the Amazon bestseller "Shut ‘Em Down: Black Women, Racism and Corporate America" and "Survivors: Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence," Danne continues to inspire audiences with her compelling narratives and insightful perspectives

Sam Scully: Speaker Bio

Sam Scully, known as Sam, is a passionate drone industry professional. Inspired by the 2019 InterDrone Vegas conference, she joined the Women and Drone Association, managing UAS Career interviews and advocating for the industry. In 2021, she earned her FAA Part 107 drone remote license, further solidifying her expertise.

As the owner of DJI Mavic drones and FPVs for Drone Soccer, Sam has accumulated 30 flight hours, gaining hands-on experience in various applications. Her skills span multiple industries, including real estate, construction, filmmaking, public safety, and more.

A U.S. Navy veteran, Sam excels as a strategic drone consultant for The Droning Company, bridging the gap between clients and executives. Her dedication, technical expertise, and passion for the drone industry make her a valuable asset to any organization.