Unlock Your Workplace Potential: Q & A with Dr. Eid

Join us for an enlightening WITI Zoom event, "Unlock Your Workplace Potential: Q&A with Dr. Eid," featuring the revolutionary MeetYourself™ assessment tool. Developed by Dr. Antoine Eid and supported by a team of international experts, MeetYourself™ is the world's first science-based workplace DNA assessment tool. It intricately blends genetics, neuroscience, and psychology to redefine leadership and performance in the workplace.

During this session, discover how the MeetYourself™ Report can empower you to:

Decode insights from your DNA to understand your purpose, talents, and personality.
Navigate your brain's preferred thinking patterns, comfort zones, and motivators.
Leverage acquired skills, life experiences, and educational background for optimal workplace performance.
Showcase your unique value and strengths within your team.
Enhance communication and leadership for maximum team motivation and effectiveness.

Whether you're looking to amplify your leadership skills, uncover your innate potentials, or explore the intersection of science and self-improvement, this event promises valuable insights and practical tools to elevate your professional journey. Join us to meet yourself in a way you never have before and unlock your full potential at work.