WITI - Women Life Freedom Murals in Israel

Join us for an inspiring and heartfelt event featuring Hooman Kalhili, as he shares his remarkable journey and experiences from his recent trip to Israel. This event is titled "WITI - Women Life Freedom Murals in Israel."

Hooman will reveal the story behind his 12th mural in Israel, created in honor of the Women Life Freedom movement. This mural, located in the Mateh Yahuda Regional Council outside of Jerusalem, symbolizes hope and solidarity with the people of Iran and the ongoing struggle for freedom.
In his Instagram post, Hooman expresses mixed emotions about this achievement:
* Sweet: Many are celebrating throughout the Middle East as the "Butcher of Tehran" is no longer in power.
* Bitter: The brave artist Toomaj is still imprisoned.

Special thanks go to @anakogan85 for finding the wall and enhancing the design, @fleurhassann, @emilyintelaviv, and @oryandan for their unwavering support in advancing this cause.

Let’s come together to honor the spirit of freedom and support those fighting for their rights. Please keep Toomaj in your prayers as we celebrate this powerful expression of art and resilience.

Featured Speaker(s)

Hooman Khalili is a former morning show radio personality from Alice Radio 97.3 FM in San Francisco, where he worked for 21 years on the Sarah and Vinnie morning show. Known for his movie reviews and celebrity interviews, he has spoken with numerous celebrities, including Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hanks, and Hunter S. Thompson.

Hooman's red carpet interviews include the Grammies, MTV Video Music Awards, and Sundance Film Festival. He has promoted over 1,000 movies and voiced a character in Pixar's "Cars." In 2011, he directed "OLIVE," the first feature film shot entirely on a cell phone, which qualified for the Academy Awards.

Hooman has spoken at major film festivals like Sundance, SXSW, and the Ethiopia Film Festival. He is deeply involved in mission work, serving in countries like South Africa, Armenia, and Mexico, and supporting the homeless in San Francisco. Recently, he has focused on creating murals in Israel to support Iranian women fighting for freedom. His work can be seen at www.hooman.tv